Endpoint Management


Endpoint management in the IT environment increases the performance of IT staff and users; it supports administrators in collecting detailed data about devices and automating the deployment of operating systems and software. It allows quick problem-solving and other operations on users’ computers without interrupting their work. Such systems integrate and enable global management of all endpoints.


Ivanti Unified
Endpoint Management

Enterprise-class solution. It features all functions needed to manage medium to large environments. It supports highly granular management parameter settings. Extensive add-ons capability makes the tool perfect for further development. A single console to manage Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and more. Server management capability, also in an agentless manner.

Manage Engine Desktop Central

A very effective tool for quick management of IT environments. The most wanted functions and a user-friendly interface. Advanced user contact features: VoIP calls or remote session recording.


Endpoint management will allow an effective support of the following:

  • Detection and inventorying of computers and servers in the corporate network
  • Distribution of operating systems and software
  • Remote access to terminal hardware and advanced operations
  • Alerts if pre-defined events occur
  • Power management
  • Licence use monitoring
  • System operation reporting
  • Maintenance of appropriate systems and software at terminal hardware
  • Excessive use of administrative functions by users
Key Functions
  • Device detection and inventorying. Finding all devices in the Client’s network environment and creating a detailed software and hardware database.
  • Software distribution. Remote and silent software installation or creation of own portal with software intended for multiple platforms and devices in order to run or change software on an end device within minutes and with the minimal use of the infrastructure and network traffic.
  • Distribution of operating systems. Templates designed to help IT deploy or update operating systems. IT can now migrate applications, user profiles, and even drivers.
  • Remote access to end devices. Safe management of remote computers via a standard browser and Internet connectivity. Remote enabling or disabling of devices and applications.
  • Control dashboards and reporting. Fast and automatic access to collective data about systems and devices in the corporate network; manual generation of reports on a smartphone, tablet, or traditional workstations.
  • Management of system admin roles. Defining the management capacity for admins if a division of responsibilities exists.
  • Power management. Creating power saving management policies and generating reports showing how these policies have reduced power consumption.

  • Do you have multiple devices to manage but not enough time to handle each of them?
  • Do you have to deal with the complexity of end systems?
  • Are you facing an operating systems migration project?
  • Do you want more control and visibility of what is happening on terminal hardware?
  • Do you need to prepare new devices for work quickly?
  • Do you need to provide appropriate IT tools to your employees faster?
  • How to automate software-related operations?
  • Is there a need to detect devices getting connected to your network?

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