Firewall Management


Firewall management solutions take care of secure and automated firewall configuration processes. They manage vulnerabilities based on 25 sources and the dark web. They integrate with more than 120 network and security technologies used by businesses today. They cluster data silos into a dynamic network model of an attack area to obtain visibility across physical, virtual, and multi-cloud, environments. These solutions provide the necessary context to take the most appropriate action by combining attack vector analysis with threat-based analysis in order to study vulnerabilities in the existing environment on an ongoing basis and correlate them with the vulnerabilities actually used.

In Brief

The firewall management platform addresses the following issues and challenges:

  • I use separate management systems for different firewall vendors
  • My security processes related to vulnerabilities, threats, and security policy management are complicated
  • My current firewall management system does not monitor compliance and does not generate reports on demand
  • I cannot assess the risk of changes before they are implemented

All firewalls, regardless of the vendor, can be managed from one location and using one platform.

The solution takes care of the appropriate level of firewall compliance and automates the workflow. The firewall change management portal enables continuous planning, supervision, and risk assessment for each proposed modification. After analysis by the infrastructure system, access to the analysis results can be obtained immediately. The outcome is clear information on which elements may be targeted by potential attackers in the future. The system detects vulnerabilities by performing automatic analyses and links priority statuses to risks that require attention. It diagnoses configuration errors and access policy breaches. It suggests necessary changes that aim to optimise the firewall performance. It also eliminates errors, detects security gaps, and optimises the change management process in the organisation. It troubleshoots the configuration of network devices, analyses access trails and provides an overview of changes to the network model.


An all-embracing attack surface overview and integrated intelligence

One platform tackling many challenges: vulnerabilities, threats, firewall change management, and ensuring compliance with policies

Scalability and performance dovetailed with the needs of enterprises of all sizes

  • What solution do you use to manage your firewalls?
  • What solution do you use to assess the risk of each proposed firewall modification?
  • What solution do you use to detect vulnerabilities?

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