Licence Management


A licence management solution will supply information on what resources are available in the company, where they are, how they are used, and what their lifecycle is. This means that more informed business decisions can be made. This system is known for its high ROI. Redundant licence reduction can reach 30%.


A high-quality licence management solution will help you address the following needs and challenges:

  • To have a holistic view of the corporate software
  • To be able to prepare for a vendor’s audit effectively
  • To be able to remain compliant with the licence agreement
  • To optimise the amount of software needed in the company
  • To identify software that is unused or inefficient
  • To monitor shadow IT
  • To keep up to date with software licensing terms
Key Functions
  • Data standardisation. By adopting standardisation mechanisms and rules that will govern standard naming conventions in the collected programming data.
  • Licence compliance. Detailed insight into the patterns of software licence use that will permit negotiation of more favourable licensing terms, eliminate unnecessary licence purchases, and avoid penalties.
  • Licence recovery. The monitoring of what is actually in use, when it was used last and for how long to design appropriate licence recovery processes.
  • Lifecycle management. Software lifecycle tracking to reduce maintenance expenses, enable quick release to users, and control costs.
  • Transparency of finance and contracts. Checking the compliance of purchased software while keeping track of contract terms. Monitoring subscriptions, warranties, and finance management information.
  • Modelling and what-if analysis. Identification of potential saving areas and estimation of investment outcomes; monitoring expenses v. the budget.
  • Powerful licence engine. Powerful algorithms to identify information about the use of licences for such vendors as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, or SAP.

  • Do you know what software is installed on your company hardware?
  • Do you know the expiry dates of your software licences?
  • What is the current status of your software?
  • Are there any dangerous applications installed on your company hardware?

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