NAC – Network Access Control


Network Access Control solutions are intended to control access to the network. They enable network segmentation and automatic response to protect Internet of Things (IoT) environments. Full knowledge of all devices connected to the corporate network is no doubt crucial for the tightening of infrastructure security.
The basic function of NAC is to detect all equipment connected to the network, regardless of whether it is standard workstations and printers or IoT devices. The application can detect the type of device and obtain information about the user and running applications. Over 2,000 LAN and Wi-Fi devices from over 70 equipment manufacturers are supported. Cooperation with active network devices is agentless. Communication is handled by the popular SNMP protocol which collects information about client devices connected to switches and access points.

In Brief

Take advantage of the NAC solution to be updated on:

  • Who connects to the network
  • Where the network is accessed
  • When an end device got connected to the network

The NAC solution reduces risks related to unsecured devices accessing the network. As a result, the organisation obtains full visibility of users, trusted and untrusted devices (endpoints), and applications.

The NAC solution employs dynamic controls that ensure authentication and authorisation procedures for all devices, both wired and wireless. They are subject to a context-driven policy that determines when, where and what type of connections are allowed, and what devices are permitted to establish connections. The system is fitted with a function of automatic response to identified threats. It is capable of stopping an attack within seconds, while a similar process carried out manually could take days or even weeks. In addition, the number of supported devices is unlimited. Moreover, there is no need to deploy the system in all corporate locations in the event of multi-site installations. In addition, the system can assist in keeping the software of devices connected to the network up to date.


Secure access to corporate network

Information on connected devices

Device access control

  • Do you use systems to control access to your corporate network?
  • Do you know what devices are currently connected to your network?
  • Are you able to give devices access to a specific network segment?

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