Resource Management


A resource management solution will supply information on what resources are available in the company, where they are, how they are used, and what their lifecycle is. This means that more informed business decisions can be made.

  • Many organisations still rely on spreadsheets in managing their resources
  • Many spreadsheet entries are “ghost” resources that are no longer available in the organisation
  • Many companies perform a resource check once a year, and some do it every five years
  • Organisations spend hours each week to verify data on their resources
  • Most IT managers do not have complete data on their resources

A high-quality service management solution will support:

  • Efficient and effective management of the IT department
  • IT as a source of added value and not a cost centre
  • Shadow IT monitoring
  • Responding to quick and frequent changes in corporate resources
  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • The provision of employees with the right resources at the right time
Key Functions
  • Resource detection. Automatic identification and collection of data about any software and hardware in the infrastructure.
  • Lifecycle management. Tracking resource lifecycles to reduce maintenance expenses; making new resources available quickly and controlling IT costs while maximising the value of resources owned.
  • Supplier and contract management. Contract management right from the moment of the first purchase. Access to the history of cooperation with a specific supplier.
  • Standard resource processes. Access to ready processes, such as lifecycle management, resource retirement, software audit, contract management, etc.
  • Integration with Service Desk. Access a single resource repository that integrates with the CMDB for service management to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Calendars and planning. Knowing what hardware to buy, upgrade and maintain; the IT management can plan ahead and avoid misguided purchasing decisions.
  • Integration with barcodes. Scanning various barcodes, such as UPC and QR, with mobile devices.

  • How much does it cost to maintain your current resources?
  • Where are the company resources (in what locations)?
  • Who is assigned to what resource? Who is using it?
  • Which resources are covered by contracts and what are their expiry dates?
  • Are your resources working efficiently for the company?

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