Task Automation Systems


Routine daily tasks consume personnel’s time and energy, thus severely limiting their ability to pursue strategic and high-impact projects. The solution is to improve the management of complex hybrid environments by automating the processes related to infrastructure, cloud resources, and workspace with a view to streamlining operations. Automatic task execution means that human error can be avoided. Transforming labour-intensive tasks into automated processes and storing them in one repository will allow their dynamic and effective management while maintaining high standards, compliance, and at the same time, high flexibility, and adaptability to changes inside the organisation.

  • IT departments often fail to keep abreast with rapid changes inside the organisation and business expectations in terms of provision of additional services
  • The large number of routine assignments carried out by IT administrators does not permit them to be involved in strategic in-house projects
  • A significant rate of human errors due to a large number of duties
  • Prolonged handling time of standard incidents and requests
Key Functions
  • Task automation. Development and execution of tasks and queries in line with pre-defined processes.
  • Task integration into processes. Tasks can be bundled into groups and completed in a specific sequence or made dependent on the effects of other tasks.
  • Existing scripts are used to make tasks repeatable, transferable to other resources, and fully automated.
  • Advanced schedules. Strict control of when changes to the infrastructure should take effect.
  • Integrations. Combination of various products to make on-premise, cloud, service management, or security management systems work together.
  • Audit trails. Access to the archive of all automatically performed tasks (when, what, by whom).
  • Built-in common automation tasks. Over 300 typical automation tasks available.
  • How are the IT staff’s routine activities described and carried out?
  • How much time do the IT staff need to complete these activities?
  • How many projects are put aside due to IT staff shortages?
  • Is the business fully satisfied with the pace of IT staff’s operations?

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