Credentials and Identity Management

IT infrastructure security

On top of appropriate control, securing access to vital systems and sensitive data can significantly improve the level of security within the organisation and lessen the risk of losing or compromising important resources. Additional security measures for authorised access and its centralised management, along with the relevant access granting and modification processes, play an important role in this regard.
Further control of access rights, including to files and information, as well as providing access only to selected individuals, combined with user identity verification, allows the full protection of important resources and information, also those stored in the cloud.

In Brief

Take advantage of the credentials and identity management opportunities to tackle the following issues and challenges:

  • I want to ensure central management of passwords for vital resources in the organisation
  • I want to control admins’ access to important systems and data
  • I want to control the security of admin passwords
  • I want to ensure and verify access by authorised persons only

A comprehensive approach to securing accounts and identity verification means greater control and, by extension, increased security across the company.

Protection of user accounts, centralised management of passwords, rights, and authorised access is becoming an increasingly important element of the security strategy in many organisations. The capability of central management of passwords, access control, and user identity verification reduces the risk of unauthorised individuals personating legal users with access rights and protects against account and data takeover. Further possibilities related to the monitoring of the password policy and used services, or to the safe sharing of sensitive data help achieve compliance with the organisation’s security policies and governing regulations, also when cloud services are used. The solution also addresses the problem of shadow IT.


Central management and control of authorised access

Higher level of security of the organisation and its data, also stored in the cloud

Minimum risk of theft of crucial resources and information, including during an actual intrusion

Authorisation levels reduced to a required minimum

Monitoring of account security in cloud services (e.g. MS Office 365)

  • How do you ensure access to key systems and data only by authorised persons?
  • How do you confirm the identity of persons using vital resources?
  • Do you limit access to information on a need-to-know basis?
  • Are you able to share resources and data outside in a secure manner?
  • How do you deal with the phenomenon of shadow IT?

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