Firewalls protect organisations against all network threats: intrusions, attacks, viruses, spam, confidential data leaks. You do not have to worry about losing your company’s credibility any more: a firewall prevents many undesirable events that may tarnish your business image, such as leakage of confidential information, website unavailability, sending infected files or unsolicited mail from the corporate network.

In Brief

Take advantage of a firewall to tackle the following issues and challenges:

  • I am worried about confidential information leaks.
  • My network often gets blacklisted, which makes it difficult to cooperate with external partners.
  • I fear that active encryption or other security features will impair my network performance.
  • I want to block dangerous websites on the Internet.
  • I would like my security policies to cover WLAN, too.

Protect your business by deploying a specialised and integrated platform and deal with current and future threats effectively.

A firewall offers protection against threats at the network and application level. Protection service subscriptions ensure automatic updates of your real-time protection solutions.

Firewalls also support advanced network features, such as high availability (in the active/active or active/passive mode) for the top availability rate of network services and a virtual domain mechanism (VDOM) that isolates networks that require a different approach security-wise (different policies, separate management, etc.).


all security features are integrated on a single platform, which simplifies the network structure significantly.

integration of many security features in one device, easy licensing and administration reduce the cost of investment and maintenance.

Investment protection
platform clustering capabilities and high performance owing to dedicated processors means network expansion capability when needed.


  • What solution protects your corporate network?
  • What solution do you employ to manage your wireless network?
  • What solution do you use for web page filtering?
  • What solution optimises the use of your WAN bandwidth?
  • How do you safeguard your resources against malware and spyware?

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