Information Lifecycle Security

IT infrastructure security

Protection against the loss of information that is crucial for the organisation from a business or legal point of view is becoming more and more challenging and requires extraordinary measures. Central policy engines enable data security management in all information transfer channels, thus providing insights in and the ability to react to potential security breaches. Security tools protect important information sets throughout their life cycle and regardless of the location. They also engage users and raise awareness in security policies concerning various categories of corporate information.

In Brief

The comprehensive information protection solution helps you determine:

  • What categories of information should be secured
  • Where sensitive information is stored and how it is sent
  • Who has access to and uses protected information
  • Whether specific information is also transferred to the cloud

A comprehensive solution that employs multiple technologies of detection and protection of information and files in line with the organisation’s security policies; it reduces the risk of data leakage and allows response to incidents and unusual events.

Complete information protection throughout its life cycle. It requires a combination of tools operating based on centrally defined security policies, such as in DLP systems and data categorisation. By taking advantage of the capabilities of cloud technologies, to ensure full control of important data stored beyond the organisation’s infrastructure, security admins can ensure that information is safe regardless of its actual location. By using encryption and identity check solutions as another layer of security, access to data and information can be managed at any time. Extra prevention of information leakage is ensured by user behaviour analysis technologies that report non-standard actions and irregularities.


Centralised information protection and consistent security policies for all information transfer channels

Security policy extension to the cloud

Data and information access control also outside the organisation

Detection of non-standard behaviour

Easier and faster analysis of and response to security incidents

Easy integration and multi-layered data protection

  • Do you know where data that needs protection is stored and moved within your organisation?
  • How are you going to launch a consistent information security policy across all information transfer channels in the organisation?
  • Are you able to control access to sensitive information while outside the organisation?
  • How do you detect and react to non-standard behaviour of users working with sensitive data?
  • How do you identify data leaks and collect information about them, e.g. if required by the regulator?

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