Mail Protection

IT infrastructure security

Electronic mail security solutions provide strong and effective protection of e-mail systems at organisations of all sizes, from SMEs to service providers and large enterprises. Designed and deployed to meet the high requirements of messaging environments, they build on extensive experience in safeguarding networks against unsolicited mail, malware, and other threats spread via electronic mail.

In Brief

Take advantage of the e-mail protection systems to tackle the following issues and challenges:

  • Unsolicited and insecure content often gets into my e-mail system
  • I often receive malware via e-mail
  • It happens that my mailbox distributes spam even though I do not intend to do so
  • My mailing system sends out viruses to other accounts

Protect your business using a specialised platform that contains threats distributed via electronic mail.

Virtual e-mail protection devices and solutions are proven and efficient security platforms for mailing systems maintained by various organisations: SMEs, operators, service providers, and large enterprises. Designed to meet the needs of the most advanced messaging systems, they rely on many years’ experience in protecting networks against spam, malware, and other threats distributed in e-mail messages. Such a solution does not allow systems to become a source of threat to others. An incoming content filter blocks spam and malware before it even reaches the network and troubles the users. An outgoing content control technology prevents users from being blacklisted by stopping any potential outbound spam and malware, also when communication takes place via mobile devices.


Flexible forms of implementation: possible implementation of hardware solutions or virtual machines in a transparent mode, as a gateway or server.

Protection against phishing and other advanced attacks owing to the deployment of URL control mechanisms, an advanced malware control engine, and optional integration with sandbox systems; the solution offers safeguards even against the most sophisticated attacks.

Identification and blocking of spam distributing computers prevents the blacklisting of normally authorised users by identifying and blocking spam sending devices, including smartphones.

Data loss prevention and identity-based encryption; detection of confidential data leaks using pre-defined models; guarantee of secure delivery of confidential or restricted information without the need to install additional hardware or software, allocate resources to users or register recipients beforehand.

  • What solution protects your corporate email?
  • Do you want to be able to choose between transparent, gateway, and mail server installation modes?
  • What solution do you use for spam prevention?
  • Does your system protect you against denial of service (DoS) attacks?

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