Comprehensive End Device Protection

IT infrastructure security

The integration of endpoint protection technologies is an all-embracing approach to the protection of IT infrastructures in organisations, as it offers safeguards against both known and new threats. This is achieved by reducing the potential attack surface, blocking and detecting intrusions as well as by rapid response, counteraction, and analysis (IoC, IoA). Comprehensive protection ensures business continuity, facilitates process automation, and reduces burden on the shoulders of security system administrators owing to convenient and centralised management.


Take advantage of the comprehensive end device and server protection to tackle the following issues and challenges:

  • I am concerned about zero-day and ransomware threats.
  • I am concerned about not being able to detect and respond quickly to complex and targeted attacks.
  • I want to avoid troublesome integrations and overloading administrators with a multitude of different tools.
  • I want to receive full information about attacks and be able to analyse threats and identify their artifacts.

Comprehensive endpoint protection harnesses the latest available intrusion detection and counteraction technologies. It supplies tools for faster and more effective response in the event of digital infection or intrusion.

End device protection means extra security for users and their devices thanks to detecting and blocking malicious programs as well as controlling and containerising active applications, system processes, and external devices. Not only does central management help design consistent security policies, but it also enables the correlation of security events, detection and prevention of infections, exposure of attackers’ intentions and targets, reduction of administrators’ workload. Additional possibilities will emerge along with the option of sample detonation in the cloud or in own infrastructure resources. By establishing a link with other threat distribution channels, its application capacity will grow to offer an overall security picture and reduce the risk of compromising the entire environment.


Effective protection integrating multiple security features and advanced technologies

Saving time lost on managing multiple tools and continuous troubleshooting

Saving resources used by multiple tools running on terminal devices

Easier and faster analysis and threat detection (IoC, IoA)

Easy integration and protection compatible with other channels and infrastructure areas

  • What tools do you use to protect yourself against malware and spyware?
  • How many active agents are there on terminal equipment in your IT environment?
  • How do you correlate security events occurring across your infrastructure?
  • How quickly can you respond to and prevent infections and intrusions?
  • How do you detect and handle new threats?

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