Patch Management

IT infrastructure security

Patch management is a software management process which involves regular installation of any missing patches to keep hardware up to date. This process should be automated, both with regard to vulnerability detection and patch installation. This can be done using a patch management tool. Centralised patch management handles the implementation of Microsoft and third-party patches from a central management dashboard. The benefit is fewer system failures and improve performance. Besides, the solution reduces costs generated by improper patch management. With fully automated patch management, the Client can focus on their core business activities to increase revenue instead of managing patches and updates on multiple devices within their network.

  • The existence of unpatched vulnerabilities on corporate hardware exposes the organisation to hacking and serious undesirable consequences
  • Hackers attempt to access systems as soon as a vulnerability is published. That is why fast patching is paramount
  • The manual tracking of applications that require patching is difficult and risky. Even a slight delay can leave a piece of hardware open to intruders for too long
Key Functions
  • Detection of vulnerabilities and the tracking of patches that need implementation
  • Patching Microsoft, Mac, and Linux operating systems as well as third-party applications in physical and virtual environments
  • Automatic distribution of patches and new software releases. Some systems operate a test group with subsequent automatic or semi-automatic distribution to the rest of the environment
  • Reporting the status of patch installation
  • Patch installation scheduling. Distribution and installation of patches at times that do not disturb users’ work and do not cause unnecessary downtime.
  • Do you know how many pieces of software in your company have active vulnerabilities?
  • How well are your resources protected against ransomware?
  • Are you planning to improve security in the near future?

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